"An exhibition

of structures made

from unopened

cans of food that

are later donated"

-New York Times

Couple and Architect



Citywide Competitions are annual events where design industry professionals compete building structures made out of full cans of food which goes to feed the hungry.

Teacher and Class



   Junior Events are for students or youth groups to use math, design skills and art to create structures made out of canned food  while teaching community service. 




University Events engage young adult students in art/design and problem solving skills to create canned food structures which are donated to their local foodbank.

New Hires


Your Own

Create your own canned food structure for a public relations, CSR, or team building event and have fun raising food for local hunger relief organizations.

2019 Citywide Competition International Winners


In 2019 Canstruction raised over $505,802 and donated over 2,012,180 lbs of food!

Top 25 Cities

Most Food Donated to Food Banks 

2019 Citywide Competitions

1. Houston, TX

173,925 lbs

2. Dallas, TX

126,071 lbs

3. Chicago, IL

121,329 lbs

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Top 25 Cities

Most Cash Donated to Food Banks 

2019 Citywide Competitions

1. Jackson, TN


2. Chicago, IL


3. Madison, WI


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