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                                             What is a Canstruction Junior Event?

Junior Events take many forms! You can sign up as a class, a school, a religious group, a youth/social group, a community initiative or even a local venue such as a mall or library. To qualify for a Junior Event your group must have youth participants ages 10-18 years old.

How it Works:


 1. Sign Up!  Our Program registration fee to host a Junior Event is $150.  Canstruction, Inc. is 501(c)3 U.S. non-profit charity.  All Program fees paid to Canstruction, Inc. are tax deductible to the extent permitted by law.   

 2. Decide on an Event Type (Competition vs Non Competition): Junior Events often involve a competition, where teams (ages 10-18) compete against one another in three or more award categories. Other Junior Events are held as a group activity in place of a competition where all participants build one or more structures together. 


 3. Find Mentors: Each Junior Event sign up is responsible for fundraising to purchase canned food or conducting a food drive, then designing/building their own structures. Teams are encouraged to include a volunteer mentor with an art, mathematics, architecture, physics, engineering or construction background. 


 4. Design/Build!: Both events incorporate the same fundamental STEAM principles and design skills involved in creating a   


Art/ Design








Community service 

 All food raised for Junior Events must be donated to a local hunger relief organization.

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