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Intellectual Property

                                      Canstruction® Intellectual Property

                                  Updated January 2, 2019

Canstruction, Inc is the owner of certain intellectual property, including its trademarks (e.g. “Canstruction®”, “One Can®“, “One Can Make a Difference®“, Canstruct a World without Hunger®“, “iCan®“, "Cansculpture", Canstruction® graphic logo, etc.) as well as copyrighted publications (e.g. Canstruction® License Agreements, Contract Documents, Canstruction® Official Competition Manuals, Canstruction® Rules and Regulations, Planning Materials, Graphic Packages, etc.). All rights of use for Canstruction® intellectual property are reserved and require prior written permission or license from Canstruction, Inc.


For permission to reproduce Canstruction® Copyrighted Work, contact



Among Canstruction’s registered trademarks are the Canstruction® graphic, “Canstruction®,” “One Can®,” “One Can Make a Difference®,” “iCan®,” “Cantribute®,” “Cansculpture®,”and “Canstruct a World Without Hunger®.” Third party use of Canstruction, Inc.  trademarks is by specific permission or license only.

For more information, please contact

Canstruction® Documents

A substantial amount of event materials, forms and manuals comprise Canstruction® Documents. These forms, contracts and support documents define the relationships and terms involved in Canstruction sanctioned events. Prepared by Canstruction, Inc. or with the assistance of volunteers, sponsors, Canstruction, Inc. licencees, attorneys, architects, engineers, and others, the documents have been developed over the past 25 years. Canstruction® Documents are only available to our licensed supporters.

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