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Create Instagram-worthy art while giving back to your local community

Young adults use art, design, math and problem solving skills to create larger
than life, innovative CanArt® structures out of canned food! Afterwards, all cans are donated the community foodbank.

                                    What is a Canstruction University Event?

Our Canstruction University Event is a fantastic community service opportunity that enhances team building and design skills while bringing arts and humanities to your local community!  


University Events take many forms! You can sign up as a sorority/fraternity, a class, a religious group, or a social group to name a few. To qualify for a University Event must have participants from an active university, college or school for higher education.

How it Works:


 1. Sign Up!  Our Program registration fee to host a University Event is $150.  Canstruction, Inc. is 501(c)3 U.S. non-profit charity.  All Program fees paid to Canstruction, Inc. are tax deductible to the extent permitted by law.   


 2. Decide on an Event Type (Competition vs Non-Competition): Many of our University Events include a competition, where teams of students compete against one another. Other University Events are hosted as an exhibition, instead of a competition, with a group creating one or more structures. 

 3. Find Volunteers:  University Event organizer(s) are responsible for finding student volunteers, fundraising to purchase the canned food and designing/building their structures. Students are encouraged to include a mentor with a background in physics, architecture, design, engineering or construction.

 4. Design/Build!: University Events incorporate these fundamental design/build principles including:


Art/ Design





 All food raised for University Events must be donated to a local hunger relief organization.

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