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4 Ways Your School or University Could Benefit from a Canstruction Event

Grab a few of your closest classmates and get started building a Canstruction event at your college or university!

Giving Back: Many clubs, sports, or greek organizations are looking for a way to promote community service and rally their fellow students. Hosting a Canstruction event provides an opportunity for your group to host and participate in a competition where teams have to collect food donations for their materials. After the event all items are donated to a local food pantry. It’s a win for everyone!

Community Involvement: Hosting a Canstruction event at your school opens up involvement with the community. Each team needs a professional design, architectural, or engineering firm to compete which would promote help from local businesses. The competition and exhibition is also a unique community event for both students and locals to attend.

Building Relationships: College is about meeting new people and building friendships. Canstruction events promote teamwork and offer an opportunity to create relationships on the teams. Your team could be a new club, your dorm mates, or a random sign up! As long as everyone is finding a common hobby to get involved it’s a great benefit to the college or university.

Educational Experience: A great way to for art, design, or engineering students to show off their stuff! Under professional supervision, students are able to utilize the skills they are studying to create their cansculptures! Practical experience can be the best teacher in these fields. Promote your schools programs and have fun doing it!

There are plenty of reasons to host a cansculpture event at your school. Sign up today to host a competition and begin creating a memorable experience for your fellow students and surrounding community.

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