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How Art can Improve Your Mental Health

Art has been known to be therapeutic in many different ways. Some find comfort in viewing art that has been created by others or creating their own. You do not have to be a professional artist to find comfort in both appreciating or creating art.

Improving Emotional Health: Studies have shown that looking at visual art stimulates the emotional processing areas of the brain. Viewing art triggers your brain to contemplate and make connections, even if you are not consciously aware. Individuals feel rewarded and receive pleasure from viewing art. Whether the response to the art is melancholy, pensive, or cheerful, it is healthy to process emotions and art can be instrumental in this process.

Making Connections: Art inspires connections to occur within the brain. It also is a great way for people to connect with those around them through a common source of discussion. Viewing art in museums or galleries has been a pastime for many years. People gather to experience the visual stimulus in solitude, share their passion with others, or spark an interesting conversation.

Stress Relief: Art has been found to be a great source of stress relief. This comes from either appreciating or creating art. When viewing art, the pleasure reward areas of the brain are activated. Creating art is also an incredible way to stimulate the brain and reduce stress. Your brain is focused on the task and increases cognitive and motor functions by performing a task that is hands on but also mentally stimulating.

When it comes to either appreciating or creating art, the mental and emotional health benefits are numerous. Take the time to incorporate art into your life for an added way to relieve stress and strengthen your mind. You could take up painting, work with clay, or simply draw in coloring books. You could also take the time to visit your local gallery or museum for added inspiration and a time to reflect. Plenty of these establishments offers free exhibits with a small donation.

Canstruction events offer a way for both children and adults to stimulate their minds by creating towering works of art!






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