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Best Materials for the Perfect Ugly Christmas Sweater

Ugly Christmas sweaters are the top thing to wear to your holiday soiree. Make sure you have the most creative and interesting one. Pull out the ribbon and the hot glue gun!

The ugly sweater trend has re-surged in popularity in recent years. The last emergence was in the 80’s and had died down in the 1990’s. It originally began by finding the antiquated garments in thrift shops or your mom’s closet, but stores have recently begun to monetize on the trend by creating new sweaters in the “ugly” fashion. They also sell kits where you can “make” your ugly sweater with materials provided such as ribbons, ornaments, or battery-operated lights.

We like to promote the idea of build-your-own so here are the top materials to choose when building your unique and hideous holiday garment!

Jingle bells: What’s better than an ugly holiday sweater? An ugly holiday sweater where you can annoy your co-workers, friends, and family! You can get single jingle bells or sets on strings to drape them throughout across sweater.

Garland: What is garland? It’s that long strand of fuzzy or shiny material that you can wrap around railings, the tree, or your sweater! Add texture and color to make sure your sweater really stands out.

Lights: You don’t need to stay plugged in to be flashy! You can get battery powered string lights to add to your sweater. You can drape them on the front or set them so they push through the fabric.

Candy Canes: In case you want a snack to go, attach some candy canes or peppermints to your shirt for a functional yet un-stylish addition.

Ornaments: Ornaments aren’t just for the tree anymore! Hang some onto your sweater and know you are looking good!

Whether it store bought or homemade, be the talk of the party with your crafty and creative ugly Christmas sweater.




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