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Ways to Help Families in Need This Holiday Season

As you enjoy time with family and friends, think of others who are less fortunate. But you can help! See how you can make the holiday season memorable for those who need it most.

Start a Donation Tree:

A trend that has been popular in recent years is a holiday tree in a workplace or school that collects donated items for those in need throughout the season. Traditional items collected are mittens and gloves, but you could do socks, food items, small gifts for children, etc. It’s a great way to have a single place to collect donations that inspire festivity. You could have those who donate put a special ornament on the tree with their name on it or keep it anonymous.


Several organizations allow you to sponsor a family in need for the holiday season. This could mean providing them with their Christmas dinner or toys for children in the family. It could also provide the family with warm clothes for the winter season. One of the best parts about this is that you could know exactly where your donation is going and how it is helping a family enjoy the holiday season. It also offers the opportunity to personalize the gifts you are giving.

Participate in a 5k:

As the holidays approach, you can see signs advertising for 5k runs where they donate to a local organization that supports families in need, veterans, or research for a disease. You can support a wonderful cause while having fun dressing up in ugly sweaters or Santa costumes. Running some extra miles also helps to keep the holiday weight at bay.

Volunteer at a Local Soup Kitchen:

One of the most valuable things you can donate is your time. Spending time at a local church or soup kitchen that works to provide a hot meal for those who cannot afford one is a great way to give back.

It’s easy to forget the impact a hot meal or a toy on Christmas morning can mean to a family. You have the ability to give a less fortunate family a holiday better than they could ever imagine. Take the time to make a difference with a donation or volunteer work.


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