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Different Paths for Art Majors in College

Thinking about exploring your creative side in school, and maybe beyond? There are several ways you can find the major that fits your style and skills.


Animation is the idea of bringing art to life! This could be through story-boarding, 3D-illustration, or video game design. This field can be a great choice if you are interested in illustrating, on paper or digitally, and are able to implement these skills to bring stories and characters to TV screens everywhere.

Art History:

If you can appreciate the history and value of art, a degree in art history might be for you. Your studies will show you the impact of different artists, genres, and movements throughout history. Career opportunities could be through museum curators, restoration of priceless masterpieces, or teaching the history to students of your own.

Graphic Design:

Graphic Design has a multitude of uses in various job industries. It could implement elements such as hand-drawn or digital illustration as well as web-design. The skills you hone through classes and experience can make you marketable among marketing and advertising industries. You could also work as a freelance artist to design logos or materials for companies around the world.

Art Therapy:

Art has been used as a technique for relaxation and for improving motor skills for many years. Art therapy combines art with psychology for those who like the personal aspect of what art can do for others. You may teach an art class at a home for the elderly or study how art can be beneficial for those struggling with mental illness. The idea that art can go beyond being aesthetically pleasing is an important perspective for this career choice.

Apparel Design:

Wearable art comes in many forms. It could be designing handbags for high-end clients, developing outrageous and unique outfits for the runway, or fashionable outfits for toddlers. Apparel design has different outlets where you can find the best niche that fits your passion. Additional skills could include sewing, dying fabrics, or working with non-traditional materials.

There are many more careers that involve artistic skills and mindsets. You don’t have to be talented in every aspect to find the niche that works for you. It could be design, it could be painting, it could even be film or photography. Combine your skills to find the unique major and career path that makes you happy.


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