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5 Ways a Canstruction structure can benefit your event!

Having a custom Canstruction structure at your event is unique, eye-catching, and benefits you in more way than one! Our structures benefit your business and a local food bank.

Eye-Catching Conversation Piece:

Want to really make your event noticeable? An entire structure made out of cans is sure to prompt conversation! Whether you are trying to entice people to stop by your event or provide an interesting point of attraction for your event-goers, a structure made to fit your theme is sure to be a hit. It is truly a work of art.

An Engaging Activity:

You can make a Canstruction competition the focal point of your event! You can arrange for your guests to participate or watch the teams work to build the best structure they can using the materials they have collected. Competitions bring an energetic feel and entertainment for everyone.

Giving Back:

One of the best parts about Canstruction’s philosophy is that all of the cans used in the structures are donated to food banks, providing an essential service. The Canstruction participants are volunteers that collect their own materials, giving them a sense of purpose and a “feel-good” moment while still having fun.

Attention to a Cause:

Use a Canstruction structure or competition theme to bring attention to world hunger. This could be the center of your event or a partnership that you would like to highlight. With a large structure or multiple structures, focusing on this cause, you can sure people won’t forget it.

A Once-In-a-Lifetime Experience:

Canstruction structures offer something unique. They give your event-goers something they may have never experienced or participated in before, making your event or location something that will not be forgotten.

No matter what the cause, having a Canstruction structure or competition at your event can only bring positive results for your company or your cause!

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