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Top 5 Design Trends Predicted for 2017

2017 is right around the corner and the new ideas for structural and aesthetic design are emerging. See what is predicted for the new year so you can stay ahead of the curve!

Revisiting Traditional Materials for Commercial Buildings:

There is a drive to return to building materials such as timber or compacted earth. While that may seem backwards, there are new developments on how to manipulate the material for maximum security, such as laminated wood that is sturdier and more fire resistant. With new innovation, a host of materials that may not have been thought about in many years can resurface back into the market, offering new perspectives for both functionality and appearance.

Health and Environment Conscious Housing:

Overall health is becoming a major concern as new studies emerge showing how our environment can affect our well-being. Since we spend a large amount of our time in our homes and place of work, being in a building that maximizes air flow, is made from organic or non-toxic materials, or makes a minimal impact on the environment are all ideas that are running through the minds of designers and builders. Conserving materials and space are also becoming a concern as the world population continues to grow, making it a driving force for architectural innovation.

Implementation of Technology:

In an effort to increase the efficiency of structures, both for comfort and for energy, technology is becoming a large factor when it comes to design. From built in appliances, to advanced resources for power, there are new ideas on how to run a home or building with a touch of a button.

Multi-Functional Buildings:

Designing a residential building that also includes commercial functionalities, or vice versa, adds value. When you take a traditional office building, but add resources for the community it increases the value of architecture.

Collaboration is Key:

As innovation becomes essential to the creation of new structures that utilize space wisely, the key players in the process may come from different backgrounds. Architects may find that pulling from different experts in fields of physics, mathematics, or even environmental science. Having a building that fits the culture of the community makes more of an impact than simply a remarkable building.

Design continues to change as society evolves. At Canstruction, we love to see how the experts in the field use these changing ideas at our competitions! New techniques, new perspectives, and a whole lot of amazing creations using the principles of design and construction.





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