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The Importance of Teaching Children about Art & Design

In a world where space is shrinking, teaching future generations the importance of utilizing space and how to create designs that are captivating, as well as useful, is essential. Canstruction combines creativity and problem-solving skills that are essential to growth and exploration in young children.

While some of these children may grow up into future engineers or architects, it is building a generation of thinkers that is essential. Especially when these thinkers are taught to work together to come up with creative solutions to problems. Some of the most significant skills that are developed through the arts are visual learning, inventiveness, and decision making. Building a structure out of marshmallows and uncooked spaghetti may not seem like it would take a lot of skill, but it provides the opportunity for resourcefulness and imagination. Questions run through the mind that must be answered: What do I want my structure to look like? How many materials will I need? My structure fell over, what do I need to adjust? etc. Discovering the answers to these questions is all part of the learning process and teaching children to adapt and be inventive with their solutions. The best part is, they don’t realize that they are learning because it is so fun!

These types of project bring together the fun aspects of art and make it a great platform for teaching more involved subjects such as math or science. Creating programs that focus on these areas are engaging and promote the idea that by learning these skills you can do incredible things, things that may not have ever been done before.

Encouraging a generation to think outside the box is one of the most valuable ideas that can be taught. Providing programs that show the power of ingenuity, teamwork, and strategy ensure a future of individuals who will be able to adapt and face problems head on, armed with potential.

The Junior Programs at Canstruction are geared towards these goals. Children ages 5-18 can join together to create astounding sculptures as a team. The competitions offer real life application of design skills that provide a sense of accomplishment. The structures are often exhibited so that everyone can see that great things can come from small packages!


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