One of the Biggest Epidemics of Our Time: Hunger

January 26, 2017


Millions of people around the world are suffering from hunger. The statistics may surprise you.


About 795 million people, or one in every nine people, do not have enough food to live a complete and healthy lifestyle. This includes adults and children in many underdeveloped countries where the majority of the population suffer from the same condition.


Hunger leads to other issues such as stunted growth. Mothers who are malnourished may also have problem carrying or feeding their child.


Why do people stay hungry? Often the cause is not lack of food, but the lack of ability to afford food. Circumstances often make it difficult for those who are struggling to overcome their condition.


In order to fight hunger we have to fight poverty. About 19.4 million Americans suffer from extreme poverty. This is classified by families whose annual income is about $10,000 for four people. Around the world there are those who may be suffering even more. Their only chance of escaping extreme poverty being trade or immigration. This epidemic is not new. People have been suffering from hunger for many years, but as population increases the situation becomes worse. In America those who are suffering from poverty, and in turn hunger, go through a daily struggle. Children often go to school hungry which leads to trouble concentrating and staying awake. This makes it difficult to graduate and find a job with means to support a family.


At Canstruction, we recognize the difference food banks and pantries can make. By providing food to those who cannot afford it, they make a difference in the number of people who are suffering from hunger. It can be tough to work hard and also try and meet the needs of feeding a family. Those who are trying to make a significant change for the better are able to do so with the help of these organizations.

















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